2V 300AH vrla mf gel lead acid deep cycle solar charge ups eps battery 2v 300Ah 800Ah 1000Ah 2000Ah 3000ah backup battery

KL Series Introduce
KL(long life series) are valve-regulated maintenance-free lead-acid batteries that feature fixation type, high-capacity, and
long-life, which specially designed for large-scale electrical equipment. They are made of high-performance and excellent
corrosion resistance alloy casting to improve the deep discharge performance. And special technology of pole seal is adopted to prevent electrolyte leakage;The positive plate of the battery has a special formula, which makes the battery good receptivity during charging. This lines of battery covers a wide range of sizes and offers single cells with capacities from 150Ah to 3000Ah.It can be horizontal or vertical installed to save space and easier to detect and maintain. This series of battery is suitable for telecom, UPS, energy storage, power and other applications.

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