Deep cycle 500Ah VRLA lead acid battery HR-High Rate OPZV Tubular Gel 2V 490AH Battery

OPzV series(Tubular Gel series) product is newly developed and designed, tubular gel sealed VRLA storage battery. This series absolutely use new type precision valve to ensure the gas compound. The advanced Gel electrolyte technology ensure the battery with advantages of reliable performance, low self-discharge, deep discharge and deep cycle ability, long service life etc. This series apply to Power System, Communication System, UPS System, Switch Control System, Dynamical System, Solar Photovoltaic System etc., especially suitable for the place need high request for security, reliability and service life..

• Nominal Voltage: 2V, 12V
• Rated Capacity: 80Ah~3000Ah
• Operating Temperature Range: -40~60℃
• The design life is 20 years(2V),15 years (12V)
• Multi-element alloy die-casting molding tubular positive plate, which can effectively prevent active materials loss, good corrosion resistance and long life.
• Using high quality gel electrolyte by imported gel amorphous silica, gel electrolyte, no layering and no leakage phenomenon.
• High strength ABS container materials, corrosion resistance and high quality.
• Using Europe imported AMER-SIL Company specialized gel microporosity PVC-SiO2 separator, large aperture ratio, low resistance.
• Unique safe valve structure, suitable switch pression,reduce the loss of water, avoid the battery container inflation, broken and electrolyte dry-out.
• Embedded copper die-casting lead-based terminals have more current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance.
• Using special sealed structure, gel electrolyte without penetration ensure safe and reliable work.
• Batteries have good performance in both low and high temperature, adapting to wide-range temperature and high altitude hard environment working.
• Low self-discharge, it can work after storage without charge for two years.
• High ability and quality for cycle use.
• Standard:GB/T 19638.1.2,IEC 60896-21/22,YD/T 1360-2005

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